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About the Group

Miracle Players

The Miracle Players is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote the culture of antiquity in historical locations (with a smile!). The group was formed in May 1999 and has already established a reputation for producing original, funny and quality theatre. The key members are all English-speaking actors, resident in Rome, from America, Australia, England, Iran, Italy and Scotland.
The theatre troupe has already developed a following amongst the English-speaking theatre public in Rome and various associations including the British Council, various private and public schools, the Tourist Board of Rome, Rome City Hall, the Lazio Regional Administration and the Italian Ministry of Culture.
We believe our achievements and success are due to the harmonious blending of the diversity of the members themselves, their shared professionalism and their love for creating and performing.     
The Miracle Players are proud to count the following as part of their success:
  • A "full piazza" of spectators (over two-hundred and fifty people) for each performance at the Roman Forum.
  • Participating in the event "Archeologia Roma 2000", that celebrated the completion of various restorations in the historic centre, with theatre performances in front of the Curia (Senate House) of the Roman Forum and receiving a special letter of thanks from the Italian Minister of Culture, Hon. Giovanna Melandri. 
  • Twice filmed and interviewed by ABC (American Broadcasting Company) one of which was witnessed & directed by Peter Jennings.
  • Filmed by RAI Uno (Italian National TV) [56k]  [128k]
  • Three interviews with Radio Vatican and two programs dedicated entirely to the performance of "Julius Caesar" and "Cleopatra" at the Roman Forum.
    One of the interviews
    Cleopatra interview
  • Fimed by RAI 3 (Italian Public TV) in 2002 [56k]  [128k]  and 2003 [56k 
  • Guests on Italian regional television, "TeleLazio Rete Blu". [56k]  [128k]
  • Performing on the Tiber Island for the festival "La nave dei sogni".
  • Special praise by Dr. Pietro Garinei, current director of the renowned "Teatro Sistina" and one of the most famous living Italian playwrights.
    Pietro Garinei enjoying the "History of Rome"
    Pietro Garinei, and the chorographer, Gino Lanzi, after seeing "Cleopatra".
  • Official participation in Estate Romana from 2001 to 2009. (An excerpt from their press agency for 2002  [56k]  [128k])
  • Participating with theatre performances (Rome in a Nutshell) in the experimental project "Facciamo due passi", initiated by the current mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, that aims to make the area surrounding the coliseum and the Roman Forum more enjoyable for residents and tourists alike by reducing traffic and by providing theatre, music and animation for children.
  • Filmed and interviewed by Prima TV (Czech Republic) in occasion of the special Olympics 2001. [56k]  [128k]
  • Filmed by TF1 (French television)  [56k]  [128k]
  • Guests on "TeleSalute" (Italian regional TV)  [56k]
  • John Restivo from Media Television (Canada) skilfully puts together an introduction to the Miracle Players and their theatrical activities in the ancient city. [56k]
  • Interviewed twice by the Australian national radio station SBS (Special Broadcast Service).
  • Interviewed by the Italian radio stations Radio Cittą Futura and Radio 24.
The Miracle Players' optimism and genuine enthusiasm are reflected in their shows. We produce shows that have proven to be greatly appreciated by the general public and also enhance the cultural attractions and beauty of Rome. 
Beginnings of the Miracle Players
Eric Bassanesi, an Italian-Australian actor, formed the Miracle Players' theatre company in 1999 with the intention of providing English-speaking tourists and residents the opportunity to fully participate in the renowned Roman outdoor summer festival, Estate Romana, with theatre in English. 
Notwithstanding Italian "red tape", Eric, assisted by Denise McNee, a Scottish actress and writer, made possible the group's first performance at the Roman Forum with Everyman, a Medieval morality play. The success of Everyman was greatly appreciated by the actors and the enthusiasm it generated confirmed the validity of providing English theatre as part of the Roman Summer festivities.
The Miracle Players have since gone on to produce other outdoor theatre performances at the Roman Forum: a comic adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" (2000) and the original comedies written by Denise McNee, "The History of Rome" (2001), "The Emperors of Rome" (2002), "Cleopatra" (2003),  "Caesar - more than just a salad" (2004), "The Seven Kings of Rome" (2005) and "The History of Rome - Part I". The Miracle Players have also been invited on several occasions to perform within cultural initiatives promoted by the Italian government, for Italian public schools, for English  schools, private parties and conferences and events.

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