Rome in a Nutshell

by the Miracle Players

"Rome in a Nutshell is the name of the play,
As you know, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Three actors and a little rhyme,
Take you on a journey through time."

The play could also be known as "Rome by maps" since they serve as a guideline to the sketches chosen to chart the development of the expansion of the Roman Empire.

The Miracle Players were asked to perform in this historic location as part of an experimental project initiated by the current mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni. The project aims to make the area surrounding the coliseum and the Roman Forum more enjoyable for residents and tourists alike by reducing traffic and by providing theatre, music and animation for children. 



Rome in a Nutshell was designed and performed on Via dei Fori Imperiali in front of the maps showing the expansion of the Roman Empire.

Cast: Eric Bassanesi, Luke Massengill and Denise McNee.

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