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The Life of Michelangelo

a 40 minute comedy by Denise McNee

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Michelangelo rose from humble beginnings to become the most distinguished and renowned artist, not only of his time, but perhaps of all time.

But how much do you really know about Michelangelo, for example, did you know that he has a surname? Or that he was asked to give the finished statue of David a nose job? In this brand new comedy the Miracle Players reveal the facts behind the man responsible for some of the greatest works of art ever seen.

  During Michelangelo’s lifetime “The Lives of the Artists” was published by Giorgio Vasari, and included a chapter on Michelangelo. Some say that Michelangelo was not flattered by this representation and so “persuaded” his student Ascanio Condivi, to write another version “The Life of Michelangelo Buonorroti”. Using this as a starting point our protagonist is visited by the ghost of his great patron Pope Julius II, who demands to know why his tomb has never been finished. Pope Julius II and Michelangelo go on a journey with the audience and review some of the more salient moments of his life and career.

The show is suitable for all ages. We would like to point out that unfortunately due to this year’s subject matter we will not be able to use any rubber chickens in the show.

The Life of Michelangelo is a 40 comedy, based on the works of Giorgio Vasari, Ascanio Condivi and of Michelangelo himself However, we have taken his swear words out! Not joking either!

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