What is a patronage?

For some years now, the Miracle Players have received the patronage of various institutions for their theatre shows. But what does that exactly mean? To satisfy the curious minds that pose this question, we have decided to provide a brief description of the meaning and the significance of "receiving the patronage", what it involves and what it doesn't involve.

A “Patronage” expresses what is known as the “moral approval” of the office or branch of government that gives it. In the Miracle Players’ case, that would mean the Rome City Council, the Lazio Regional Administration or the Ministry of Culture. The patronage expresses the symbolic adherence that any of these offices give to the event to which it is granted. It shows that the government considers the event an important one in consideration of its cultural, educative and social aims.

A patronage does not involve any economic contribution.

Or as the natives would say:
Il patrocinio è un riconoscimento morale con il quale un istituto esprime la propria simbolica adesione ad una iniziativa per le sue finalità culturali, scientifiche, educative, sociali e celebrative. Il patrocinio non comporta nessun contributo economico.

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