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The Life of Michelangelo 

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The Life of Michelangelo

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Rob Allyn
: Rob will be playing Michelangelo himself, not because he looks like him, or has an artistic vein, but because he is the most cantankerous, just like good old Mikey! Robís comment ďNo! Iím not! You *%!!#Ē. We would like to point out that on the 24th of July will be Robís birthday. The first time that he has performed on his birthday despite being with the Miracle Players for 11 years.

Eric Bassanesi: Eric is not playing Michelangelo, despite the fact that he looks more like Charlton Heston than Rob does. He is playing Pope Julius II, even though he looks nothing like Rex Harrison. We all love Eric, he is the producer and sorter outer of Italian red tape! Now thatís not easy!

Denise McNee: Denise is still the greatest and most talented of the Miracle Players, and the one responsible for writing the bios. This year Denise will only be performing for half the run, because she will be giving birth sometime in July, preferably not during one of the shows.

Dyanne White: We had to pay Dyanne big money to be part of the show this year (a pizza and a beer) because she desperately wants to play a woman and all the parts are for men. We think that she just wants to let her hair down.

FIFTH PERSON: This person is substituting Denise for half the run and we havenít chosen the unfortunate (whoops) I mean fortunate one yet! I am sure they will be nearly as good as brilliantly-talented Denise, and almost certainly taller and less pregnant!

Breaking news... The 5th person is Gabrielle Chiararo!!

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