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Miracle Players - English theatre in Rome, Italy
Miracle Players

The History of Rome - Part I Reviews

What the Consuls think... 

The History of Rome

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For English-speaking visitors, an amusing summer diversion is a performance of the Miracle Players..
The New York Times

The Miracle Players have been staging hysterical drama every summer for 12 years
The American Mag.

Forget the Complete Works of Shakespeare in 90 minutes. The capital's itinerant English theatre troupe, the Miracle Players, go one better in reducing over one thousand years of ancient history to a 40-minute caper. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, from suckling she-wolves to Nero's fiddling follies, are irreverently rendered each Friday evening in the atmospheric environs of the Forum itself. Performances are free and al fresco. In this case, miracle by name, miracle by nature. 
Time Out

...The Miracle Players taking a humorous, nay, ingeniously talented, as well as instructive look at the history of a city that claims to be eternal and that has shaped and effected the lives of people the world over... The priceless location [of the performance] that theatres the world over would die for is in front of the Mamertine Prison.
Roma C'è

...Texts are based on classical works... but the humorous historical adaptations are a far cry from what you remember from some dreary Latin lessons. Furthermore the performance takes place with a striking view over the Roman Forum where many of the actual events took place.
Trova Roma - The Best in Rome

...This group of brilliant actors promote classical culture in historical locations... The actors themselves have written the script which is based on the works of Livy, Juvenal, Plutarch and others in the Latin tradition.
Roma Turismo

Abbiamo visto la Bibbia in novanta minuti e Tutto Shakespeare minuto per minuto. E ora tocca alla storia di Roma in quaranta minuti... Fantasia e ironia per mettere in scena, e un pò anche alla berlina, Romolo e Remo, l'assassino di Cesare, l'incendio di Nerone, i giochi del Colosseo e l'ascesa del Cristianessimo.
La Repubblica

...La commedia si basa sui testi Giovenale, Plutarco, Livio, Cicerone ed altri scrittori antichi al fine di accostare scritti classici e riadattamenti ironici che assicurano al pubblico grande risate.
Il Messaggero

...Sullo sfondo del tramonto sui Fori, ... questo gruppo di attori brillanti eseguirà delle rappresentazioni teatrali in lingua inglese, raccontando la storia di Roma dalla sua nascita mitologica alla caduta dell'Impero. Per gli spettatori un duplice fine: imparare la storia di Roma e l'inglese divertendosi.
Il Tempo

...questo spettacolo offre un modo diverso e irreverente di concludere l'esplorazione di una delle zone archeologiche più visitate al mondo... [I Miracle Players] offriranno al pubblico, romano e non, una serata di divertimento assicurato.
Estate Romana 2001

Nato nel '99 quello dei Miracle è un gruppo di attori professionisti provenienti da vari paesi anglofani e residenti a Roma, diventato famoso per le commedie che produce impegnate ma divertenti.
Il Messaggero

What the Plebs think...

First, my family and I really enjoyed the show, and that's saying something when your children are teenagers! (you'll see...)
I noticed that in polling the audience beforehand, most people had heard about the show through word-of-mouth or were serial attenders; these are the kind of people who use "summer" as a verb. Nothing wrong with that, but we are of the "once-in-a-lifetime, frequent-flyer-miles" ilk. For us, the advertisements in those hotel magazines and posters are key. So while we may represent a small part of your audience (at least at that first show), I hope you will continue to advertise as your budget allows.
Hamilton B.

Loved the show. Thank you for the simplicity and fun. I loved it last year as well. Good luck for the future.
Margaret C.

My name is Hillary C., and I saw your performance with a group of Classical Archaeology Masters and PhD students studying at the American Academy in Rome. I would just like to thank you for putting on a wonderful show. We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and (since some of us teach at our respective US graduate institutions) thought that you did a great job of combining education and entertainment. After your show, I wished that I had a DVD of your performance for my own class. We were particularly impressed with your portrayal of the Julio-Claudians (even so far as to brush aside poor Claudius) and of course the SPQR song. SPQR and "High Penta" have been resounding in our pottery lab since we saw your performance.
Thus, I simply want to give you kudos to a highly entertaining and open educational performance. We were greatly impressed and are saddened that we all won't be together next year to see Part 2. Well done!
Hillary C.

I brought the son of a friend of mine who must have been about 5 when you gave your first show. He's a musician now. Saw a few potential players among the 'infants' in the first row too. Time presses on but your shows are progressively more enjoyable each year and obviously a delight to your audiences. Glad you are getting such good support.
Tummies were rumbling and my friends wanted to go off and eat and as you were surrounded by admirers and enquirers I allowed myself to be dragged off into the distance but wanted you all to know that I (and they) enjoyed it.
Have passed the word.
Allan C.

If I recall correctly I think this was my 8th year of attending your shows and bringing my students or study tour participants. Thanks as always for the enjoyable show; I look forward to seeing you at the Forum every summer and can't wait to see what new stories you've come up with. This year, I was joined by 16 high school Latin teachers and I fully expect that some of your material will inspire their classrooms, especially the SPQR song. If lots of high school students aren't singing that by next spring I'll be very surprised.
Steve L. T.

I have to thank you. Your show was absolutely marvellous and great fun. I am an archaeologist myself, studying Rome's imperial period, thus quite familiar with the subject - and I enjoyed your show very, very much and laughed a lot, together with my colleagues. Great! It was so funny and you all are wonderful actors. I am very much looking forward to the next part!
K. I.

We came to see you on the 30th July, you may remember that night because about half an hour in, the heavens opened and everyone had to run for cover, except there wasn’t any and we got soaked to the skin! My daughter and I ended up walking back to our hotel barefoot because we were sliding around in our sandals so much. The chic, glamorous and prepared (they all had umbrellas etc) ladies of Rome were I think quite scandalised by the sight of two sopping wet English women wandering around barefoot and laughing.
The History of Rome – part I (at least the 2/3rds we saw) was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed by all my family, from my slightly philistine husband, my 14 year old and therefore interested in very little son, through my 16 year old daughter, to myself with a lifelong interest in all things Roman. You have brilliantly captured the attention and imagination of the full spectrum there. Thank you all so much for giving our holiday a real highlight, made even more of a travelers yarn through the timing of the biggest storm I have seen in a long time. We only wished we could have seen the whole thing. Many thanks again
Cate T.S.



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