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Miracle Players - English theatre in Rome, Italy
Miracle Players

The History of Rome - Part I

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The History of Rome

Rob Allyn
: this year we would like the audience to note that Rob has incredible abdominal muscles...please notice otherwise he is going to diet again and then he will be really cranky AGAIN!! 

Eric Bassanesi: a bilingual Italian and founder of the Miracle Players. Eric used to have incredible abdominal muscles but has had two three children and they just ain't what they used to be.  Still, as a proud dad, he is happy to have lost his figure to a better cause.

Denise McNee: Denise is fabulous, the best in the show...also responsible for writing the bios. 

Dyanne White: Dyanne's real name is Lord Lucan, but had to change it for equity reasons...that, and the fact that she kept getting arrested after shows.

Kip Hendry: The latest Miracle Player who has volunteered to embark on this historical ride in the roles of Mark Antony, Spurinna the Soothsayer and the flamboyant Fabulous, to name a few. We sure hope he knows what he's signed up for!


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