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Eric Bassanesi:  Eric is sadly not playing a chicken this year, but will be reprising two of his favourite roles - Caesar and Augustus.   It is Eric's enthusiasm which keeps the show going year after year.  Yeah Eric! 

Denise McNee:  Denise writes, directs and organises the show as well as trying to find babysitters to look after the kids so she can do all that.  This year, she decided that putting them in the show would be easier (and cheaper) than finding babysitters. 

Dyanne White:  Dyanne finally gets to play Cleopatra, a much coveted role with great headwear.  Notwithstanding her ill fitting costume Dyanne returns to the Miracle Players year after year....we think she is addicted to the accents.

Miracle Player Babies:  The children of the above mentioned Miracle Players will be playing a small but crucial role in the shenanigans.



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