Miracle Players
Miracle Players - Theatre in English in Rome, Italy
SPQR Song & Dance

Caesar - more than just a salad.


What the Monarchy thinks:

...a perfectly balanced mix of the historical and the hilarious.
Fodor's (The New York Times - travel guide)

At the Roman Forum relives the fascination of the past...
Al Foro Romano rivive il fascino del passato...

...a new show seasoned with the usual mix o humour, satire and wit...
Le Chiavi D'Oro a Roma
...I Miracle Players continuano con il loro apprezzatissimo stile burlesco a deliziare turisti e residenti rappresentando teatro comico di qualità.

The group are back to liven up our summer evenings... Expect large servings of humour...
Roma C'E'

Ancient Roman History has enough twists and wacky legends as it is, yet the Miracle Players have managed to make it even more fun.

In forty fun-filled minutes, the Miracle Players with wacky caricatures and lots of wigs get down to the nitty, gritty facts in an event that is sure to entertain as well as educate.
What's New in Italy

What the plebs say:

What a lovely night we spent, my friends and I, last Tuesday! Once again you've offered us something special. very Roman and very British at the same time...We 've really appreciated your kind welcoming and performance. Best wishes for the season...
Paola C.

By some strange coincidence, we saw both your final performance of "Caesar - more than just a salad" and your first performance of "The Seven Kings of Rome". Considering we live in California, seems quite miraculous. Both plays were great! Hope you have many more years of productions and that we catch another one sometime in the future.
Thanks for the great entertainment.
Charles W.

Many thanks for the text of the Seven Kings. My 11-year old daughter, Alice, will be thrilled - and we'll be glad she can sing the WHOLE of the SPQR song instead of the two lines she remembers! She bought an SPQR t-shirt and baseball cap in honour of the play.
We saw the final two performances, and Alice has told everyone it was her favourite bit of her fortnight in Rome. She's history mad, an addict of the Horrible History books, and wants to be a theatre director, so it was an ideal way to spend a couple of evenings. We'll certainly spread the word to anyone holidaying in Rome next Summer.
Jane S.

So back in rainy Germany and recalling the highlights of this year's stay in sunny Rome once again The Miracle Players range in top position. 'The Seven Kings of Rome' was our 6th performance (we only missed your first one because we were ignorant tourists then in '99). Meanwhile -planning our visit to Rome - we are anxious to make sure we meet you down at the Forum and your information mails are really helpful. We guess there were about 250 visitors to each performance this year, which should encourage you to keep on at least for the next 25 years. 'In case of survival' we will be there (we're the ones who are having a picnic after every show).
In the 'Seven Kings' we somehow missed Giulia (best wishes!), but we nevertheless liked Frances.
Being taught Roman history that way is a unique pleasure for visitors from abroad (we sat next to a young man from Finland, an elderly lady from Ohio, a couple from Poland and a priest from Austria) and a contribution to making Rome even more attractive. Hoping to see you all next year.
Barbara D. and Bernd D.

It was a GREAT SHOW; one of the HIGH-LIGHTS of my 2005 visit to Rome! Thank you again!!!
Sister L.

I loved your performance in Rome and will never forget it! It was fabulous! [...] I want to attend your performances next time I'm in Rome!
Jan G.

[...] It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Rome -- particularly as our son was picked out of the audience that night to participate in the battle scene.
Dan & Esther S.

Thank you for providing this great cultural experience! We loved it! Our kids loved it! And to have an excuse to be at the Forum when the moon is rising - what fun! THANK YOU!
Deborah M.

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