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The Seven Kings of Rome

Our story starts... With a vestal virgin who had twins. The twins were thrown into the Tiber River. Luckily a she wolf raised them.
When they grew up they argued about forming a new City. Romulus won and founded Rome. Romulus was a warlike king. who disappeared in a thunder storm.

Numa Pompilius asked the gods if he should be the next king. and a dead chicken helped him make up his mind. Tullus Hostilius the third king was very war hungry. He used Triplets to fight his battles.

He liked his victory dances. but he shouldn't have neglected those Gods. Ancus Marcius the fourth king was rather boring. So we'll move on to the next king Tarquinius Priscus.

But Ancus' sons were not happy and killed the King. His wife didn't want people to know he was dead. Until Servius Tullus became the next King. But his daughter ran over his body.

So Tarqunius Superbus became the seventh King. Their brutal son attacks Lucretia. But Brutus will revenge her honour. And founded a Republic which used the initials SPQ....

and R. The end.

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