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Rob Allyn:  Rob performed Julius Caesar with the Miracle Players and keeps coming back for more. We think he really believes that this year he is going to get his own dressing trailer. Rob has really captured the Miracle Players’ spirit and we think that this could be his best season yet – What, even better than Nero?! You decide.

Eric Bassanesi:  Eric is still the Miracle man who keeps the Miracle Players bubbling along! Eric will be playing, amongst other things, the much coveted role of the dying chicken. He is so authentic in the role that we expect there to be bird watchers as well as theatre lovers in the audience.

Kip Hendry: The latest Miracle Player - Last year we said "We sure hope he knows what he's signed up for!" and this year the rest of us are saying "We sure hope we know what he's signed up for!!!

Denise McNee:  Denise hasn’t grown since last year and consequently wins the title of being the shortest Miracle Player for the last seven years in a row. Denise will be playing many roles including Old Flame Head!

Dyanne White:  Dyanne, has the more hair than all the rest of the Miracle Players put together, consequently she will finally be playing some female roles. “About time too!”

Chuck the stunt Chicken: Despite a valiant effort as a chicken in History of Rome and Caesar – more than just a salad, Chuck was out chickened this year by Eric, who will be playing his role.


Gaia Morelli and Marco Flore: Also this year, Gaia and Marco designed the Miracle Players' posters and postcards. Marco is an incredible illustrator who instantly captured the spirit of the group and Gaia skilfully and seamlessly put it all together.

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