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A book! I wonder what it is?

The story of Everyman...

I, God, command Everyman to take a pilgrimage.

Death, spare me till I, Everyman, be provided with a remedy.

If Death were thy messenger I, Friendship, will not with thee go.


Nor we, cousin and kindred, for we have cramps in our toes.

Did you think I, Goods, would go with thee?

I, Good deeds, will go with thee. But thy sins have me bound.

Confession, wash from me the spots of vice unclean.

Everyman, on this pilgrimage three persons thou must take with thee.


Discretion and strength...

and thy beauty (?!) may not abide behind.

Thank God, you will all come with me.

What into this grave?

I think not!


All fleeth except Good Deeds.

Can anyone else hear angels singing?

So endeth the moral play of Everyman.

Wait a minute, I'm everyman...!

...and so are they!


Photos: Sandro Capatti 

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