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The Emperors of Rome
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1) What does “Caesar” mean?
a) It means "Emperor" in Latin
b) It is the name given to a very famous dish of roman salad
c) It is a surname that means "full head of hair"
2) Who was the first Emperor of Rome?
a) Augustus
b) Julius Caesar
c) Brad Pitt

3) Was the Emperor Augustus’ wife, Livia, responsible for poisoning his successors so that her son could become the next emperor?
a) No, it was just a rumour spread about by vicious historical writers
b) It is possible but we’ll never know for sure
c) Of course she was. She was even more power hungry than Lucretia Borgia

4) Where did the Emperor Tiberius spend most of his time?
a) In the senate house
b) On the toilet
c) In Capri

5) Why couldn’t you say the word “goat” in front of the Emperor Caligula?
a) Because he had a pet goat that died
b) Because he was bald with hairy legs and he thought people were talking about him
c) Because he was afraid of them

6) What did the Emperor Caligula order his soldiers to collect after his battle with Neptune?
a) Seashells
b) Sunken treasures
c) Seahorses

7) After the death of Caligula, the Emperor Claudius was found hiding...
a) behind the curtain in the imperial palace
b) in the audience of a street theatre show
c) in a tavern disguised as a female singer

8) How did the Emperor Claudius die?
a) Because he had a pet goat that died
b) He was assassinated by the praetorian guards
c) His wife fed him poisonous mushrooms

9) Emperor Nero used to take his own audience with him wherever he was performing.
a) True
b) False

10) What song did the Emperor Nero sing while Rome was burning?
a) "Com'on baby light my fire"
b) "Goodness gracious great balls of fire"
c) Something about the burning city of Troy

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