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Down at the Roman Forum... the Miracle Players set the stage for... The Emperors of Rome. We start with Augustus...

or was it his wife, Livia,... who kills his heirs... and persuades her son... Tiberius to accept the crown.

Tiberius orders lots of deaths... then kills his executioner. All the people of Rome can do is wait for his death. Eventually Caligula becomes Emperor.


He is afraid of the Scots. So he pretends he has prisoners and... he dances a lot. The senators plot against him...


and Caligula flutters to his death. The senators want to restore the Rebpublic. But the soldiers don't think so. Where is Emperor Claudius?


A game show will help... Claudius to get crowned. "Don't eat the mushroom!" Oops... So Nero is the next emperor and...

he sings a lot: "Rome is burning,
Rome is Burning.."
If Nero had checked his facts.. he'd know he was the last of our emperors.


Photos courtesy of Michelle Bassanesi, Pierstefano Durantini, Ornan Rotem and Giuseppe Pesola.


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