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Summer 2006 at the Roman Forum...

The Emperors of Rome

Tiberius - Second Emperor of Rome

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Liva & Nero - The Emperors of Rome

In forty minutes the Miracle Players re-enact the lives of Rome's most famous Emperors. 

Augustus, he may have ruled the world but did his wife rule him? Tiberius, the sulky Emperor who lived in isolation in Capri.
Caligula, decide for yourself if making his horse a senator was the wackiest thing he did (we don't think so). Claudius, were his relatives right in saying the things they did about him?  Nero, who at sixteen became the master of the whole known world and who... Well, what would you have done in his shoes?

Based on the historical accounts by Suetonius, Cassius Dio, Tacitus and others this true tale is given a contemporary voice in the heart of the ancient Roman Capital. The play is suitable for all ages.

The Emperors of Rome was performed every Friday at 7:30 PM (prompt) at the Roman Forum from June 16 to August 11, 2006. For all details and a map click here.

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