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Caligula - Third Emperor of Rome

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Tiberius & Agrippina - The Emperors of Rome

  Cast of The Emperors of Rome

Cast (from left to right):

Eric Bassanesi: a bilingual Italian and founder of the Miracle Players. Eric is the driving force of the company and has performed in every Miracle Player production to date.

Frances Nacman: from NY City, Frances not only acts but is also an exceptionally talented singer. Frances returns on the stage for the second year as a full-fledged Miracle Player and this year will have the fortune of being sung to by 100s of people on her birthday!

Rob Allyn: Known to many as "Mark Antony", Rob was raised in the US and has made Rome his second home.  Rob is joining the group for the seventh year running. (We think he has a fetish for plastic swords!)

Dyanne White: a native of England who gave birth during the  production of Julius Caesar! For better or for worse, Dyanne is once again joining the Miracle Players for the eighth year running! 

Denise McNee: a Scottish actress who researches, writes and adapts the Miracle Players' productions. Like Eric, she has never missed a single performance.

Special thanks to:

Gaia Morelli and Marco Flore: This year, Gaia and Marco re-designed the Miracle Players' posters and postcards. Marco is an incredible illustrator who instantly captured the spirit of the group and Gaia skilfully and seamlessly put it all together. They work with other dynamic and talented artists that have formed the 21Lab, and having seen some of their creations we feel that they are right in claming that "the group is the 21Lab, the creative laboratory for the 21st Century."

Alejandro Tearney: from the San Francisco area, Alejandro drew the original caricatures and also designed the promotional postcards and posters. He's now moved down-under and while we await his return back to Rome... break a leg, Ale! 

Num Stibbe: Num is renown for her work as a set-designer and contributed to "The Emperors of Rome" by drawing the lovely portraits of the Emperors that are seen during each performance.

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