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Cleopatra is a forty-minute comedy that follows the life, loves and ambitions of this legendary queen and last pharaoh of Egypt.

Cleopatra conquered Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the two most famous Romans of her day. But her attempts to win the hearts and minds (and perhaps even the territory) of the Roman people are hampered by Octavius, the heir of Caesar. In their final epic battle East meets West for world domination with tragic and "snakey" outcomes.

Cleopatra is based on the classical texts of Cassius Dio, Plutarch, Suetonius, Josephus, Shakespeare, John Dryden, George Bernard Shaw and others. The play juxtaposes literary sources with crazy interpretations of Hollywood scenes from “Roman Holiday” and “Cleopatra” to create a comic and informative biography of Cleopatra. In addition, the comedy also draws timely parallels from the lives of the play’s protagonists and their eventual downfalls to the events of today.

Join the Miracle Players for a comic performance of the world’s most famous story of love, ambition, romance, wigs, puppets and cardboard boats!

Cleopatra will be performed at the Roman Forum, in front of the Mamertine Prison, every Friday from June 22nd 2012 until July 27th 2012 at 7:30 pm (prompt!)

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