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Front: Denise & Lepidus. Middle: Giulia, Eric & Dy. Back: Rob

Rob Allyn: An American actor who cried when we told him that he couldn’t play Cleopatra, but we consoled him with the opportunity to imitate her in his role as Octavius.

Eric Bassanesi: An Australian-Italian hybrid who is the brains, muscle and pocket behind the Miracle Players. In this production he plays Mark Antony, the dynamic but not too politically astute opponent of Octavius.

Giulia Bernardini: An American-Italian hybrid who plays the title role of Cleopatra. She would like to point out that she is actually better looking than the original queen but she only speaks three languages as opposed to the nine that Cleopatra spoke.

Kip Hendry: (no, he's not the puppet... a photo's on its way). The latest Miracle Player who has volunteered to embark on this historical ride in the roles of Mark Antony, Spurinna the Soothsayer and the flamboyant Fabulous, to name a few. 

Denise McNee: The writer and director of the play.

Dyanne White: Dyanne's real name is Lord Lucan, but had to change it for equity reasons... that, and the fact that she kept getting arrested after shows.

Alejandro Tearney:  Native of San Francisco, Alejandro is once again designing  the promotional material for the Miracle Players.  However, his job has become much harder since the actors found out that he can get rid of all their blemishes, give them nose jobs and make them look slimmer. 


Tim Adams: For helping to make the boats.

Lynn Swanson: For helping with the "Cleopatra Rap"

Maria Pia Di Gangi: Also known as "Eric's mom", Maria Pia proof-reads all the Italian paperwork and, more importantly, washes the Miracle Players' togas!


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