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Caesar - more than just a salad

Once again, the curtains rise at the Roman Forum and the Miracle Players settle down for a salad … a Caesar salad!. A soothsayer predicts that the unknown Caesar will rise to great heights! But Caesar is captured by pirates…
… he escapes and …joins the rat race in Rome But in Rome the political situation was quite heated! Caesar couldn’t beat ‘em, so he joined ‘em and forms the first Triumvirate in history
But not all the senators were happy about it. Caesar decides to become leave Rome and fight some wars. He conquered France… Germany…
Switzerland… Belgium… (sorry, Bob) and even England. But he never conquered Scotland!!!
His once partner Pompey, backed by the senate thinks that Caesar is becoming too big for his boots. Caesar reaches the point of no return and crosses the Rubicon river. Civil war ensues. Caesar chases Pompey to Egypt… ..has a brief fling with Cleopatra…
…and returns to Rome, older but no wiser. Some in the Senate plot to kill Caesar. Caesar ignores the warnings… …and his wife!
And goes to the Senate meeting. Oh, oh! He shouldn’t have. Caesar dies of course... at the End!

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