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The Miracle Players starring in
Caesar - more than just a Salad!


Rob Allyn:  Rob joined the Miracle Players for Julius Caesar and has come back every year despite the fact that we are so mean to him (actually, we think that he likes it).   This year he is playing Pompey the Great, Cassius, along with a pirate and some Gauls. "I don't care what role I have, as long as I can play with plastic swords".  Your wish is our command Rob!

Eric Bassanesi:  Eric is still the brains and pocket behind the Miracle Players, and despite the number of coffees he drinks every day, he still has the whitest teeth out of all the cast.  This year Eric will be playing the title role of Caesar.  However, he would like to point out  the fact that unlike Caesar, he doesn't have any hair loss problems, thank you very much!!!  

Denise McNee:  Denise is still the shortest member of the cast and this year will be playing Spurinna the soothsayer and Mark Anthony.  She is pleased to be performing with Chuck, who, she would like to add, is actually shorter than her.  Sorry Denise, chickens don't count.  

Frances Nacman: from NY City, Frances returns on the stage for the third year as a full-fledged Miracle Player.  Frances is playing the role of the narrator, which includes Alexander the Great, Cato (not Kato), a Scottish bloke, Cleopatra et al. She would like to point out that if you see her with a beard during the show it is fake one and not her own! 

Dyanne White:  Dyanne has been with the Miracle Players since its founding with the production of Everyman. She joins us for yet another year of mayhem despite the fact that she will still not be playing any female roles!  What can we say, Dyanne?  History was written by men.  Dyanne will be playing Crassus, Cicero, Brutus, along with a pirate and some more men.

Chuck the stunt Chicken: This is Chuck's second appearance with the Miracle Players, his first was in the History of Rome, and he is again playing his favourite role of a sacrificial chicken.  "BWOK" Sorry Chuck, didn't we mention that! 


Gaia Morelli and Marco Flore: Gaia and Marco designed this year's poster and postcards. Marco is an incredible illustrator who instantly captured the spirit of the group and Gaia skilfully and seamlessly put it all together. They work with other dynamic and talented artists that have formed the 21Lab, and having seen some of their creations we feel that they are right in claming that "the group is the 21Lab, the creative laboratory for the 21st Century."

Maria Pia Bassanesi - also known as Eric's mum: For proof reading the Italian paperwork and especially the unenviable task of washing the togas for nine years!



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