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Caesar - more than just a salad!
Denise McNee

Theme song: On the Way to the Forum [56k] [adsl]

Julius Caesar rose from humble beginnings to become the most famous Roman of his day, and arguably of all times, but how much do we really know of the man? 

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For instance, what was Caesar's first job?  How did he react when he was captured by pirates?  And why exactly was he assassinated anyway?  Perhaps more importantly, did he really have hair loss problems? 

This forty minute comedy aims to answer these and other intriguing questions as it follows the rise and demise of  Julius Caesar.  The Gallic wars are dramatically recreated with a cast of thousands (actually five but who's counting?) Fight sequences to rival even those of Gladiator!  Not really but we can promise you an entertaining and informative story of ambition, pirates, ambition, politics, ambition, wars, oh and ambition.  Suitable for all ages.

This original text is based on the words of classic historians and authors,  such as Cassius Dio, Suetonius, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Plutarch, Shakespeare and, of course, Monty Python.

We would like to point out that no chickens are harmed in this production.

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