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Dolce Roma

Theatre in English in the Capitoline Museums

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“Dolce Roma” was performed inside the Capitoline Museums, open to the public since 1734 and the most prestigious in Rome. The audience followed the protagonist through the museum and had the opportunity to learn about some of the remarkable artworks exhibited during the performance.

The inspiration for “Dolce Roma” comes from Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita” and follows an uninspired director, Julian, on his search for revelation. Together with the public he walks through the rooms and stairways of the Capitoline museum in a surreal atmosphere where reality merges continuously with dreams. He encounters extravagant and intriguing people from past and present: the learned academic, the pampered diva, the arrogant politician, the foreign tourist, together with Lucrezia D’Este and Pope Clement VIII... The young director searches for answers from history as the past filters into the halls of the museum.



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